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UNITE is a premium, boutique line of 32 professional haircare products.

Cleanse :

All of our cleansing products have been made with only the finest and carefully selected ingredients. Each of our daily shampoos are sulfate and paraben free. And with our additional specialty shampoos, your hair is in safe hands.

Condition :

Our luxurious daily conditioners work with any hairtype, style, cut or preference. Together with our two specialty treatments your hair can be perfect every day of the week.




UNITE styling products are used by top hairstylists around the world. From extreme shaping to a fabulous hold, our line of style gives you versatility for any look.



Finish :

Complete your look with UNITE’s line of finishing products. You’ll have the tools you need to achieve any look imaginable.



Treatments :

Our VOLUMIZING, MOISTURIZING, and SMOOTHING Repair Treatments are the perfect compliment to a well rounded system. They are all supercharged with a blend of ingredients that repair, replenish, and strengthen the hair.


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